Party Room


The Roxy is always happy to host parties for our customers. We offer a varied assortment of options to insure that your party is one to remember.


Rockin’ Roxy

This party option allows the host and their guests to enjoy a featured film as a group. Those attending this party will be viewing a film that is scheduled to show at the Roxy during regular hours, as well as having the ability to use our party room for any other festivities.

Silver Screen

This option allows guest to rent out a theater and bring in their own personal Blu-Ray movie to play in the theater before the Roxy’s regular business hours. This means that the Party will have the entire theater to themselves for the length of the film. The movie must end by 11:30am so that the staff may prepare our theaters for their regular scheduled show times. Guest will then be allowed to use the party room after the end of their movie.

The Red Carpet

Guest are allowed to order a movie from the movie company through The Roxy and play it before opening just as in the Blu-Ray option. The only movies that can be ordered are those that have already come out that we do not have in our theater currently. Guest are then able to use our party room for any other festivities.


General Guidlines

  • Groups must consist of 10 or more people to obtain Party Pricing. 
  • Party décor is permitted to be set-up an hour prior to the party time or they may be set-up the night before.
  • The set-up time is exempt from the party room hourly fee. 
  • Discounted Children’s Snack packs will be come with every child admission. All other concessions are full price. 
  • Parties may not supply their own concession items that are similarly sold by the Roxy unless there is prior authorization by The Roxy’s manager. 
  • Limited Roxy party décor is available upon request. Please ask in advanced to allow ample set-up time by the Roxy.  
  • All parties must be scheduled at least a week in advance.